1. How do I set the vacation period? Does the vacation period work for a specific type of meal?
Log in with your registered Gmail ID and click the 'pause icon' in the subscription card on 'My Subscription' page. Select the start and end date of the period you wish to pause your subscription and submit. Vacation period works for all types of meals/ subscriptions. Alternatively one can also set a vacation period by clicking on respective subscription cards available under "My Subscription". One needs to be advised that each subscription would need to be paused separately.

2. Can I completely cancel one type of subscription for a particular meal after opting for another subscription pack with another meal?
You can delete any of your active subscriptions by clicking on respective subscription cards available on "My Subscription" page. Each subscription would need to be paused/ cancelled separately.

3. If I have selected two meals instead of one by mistake. How do I delete it?
There are two ways of modifying your meal selections:

  • If two subscriptions have been added for a particular meal - one can be deleted by cancelling the desired subscription card available on "My Subscription" page
  • If two meals have been added in one subscription - you can go to today's activities on "My Subscription" page and change the number of meals ordered.

4. When does one start seeing low wallet balance warning?
The low balance warning will be visible when one does not have sufficient funds for next 5 days meals.

5. What are the times slots in which meals will be delivered?
The meal time slots are mentioned below and might vary depending on factors such as location, weather, traffic etc:

  • Breakfast 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
  • Lunch 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
  • Dinner 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

6. Are there any additional charges or fee involved?
There are no hidden costs, unwanted additional charges or fee involved. The prices mentioned on our website are all inclusive of GST and delivery charges.

7. How to do I check the status of today's meals and previous meals?

  • The current meal status will be available on the "My Subscription" page.
  • You can also call our cloud food customer service number and take an instant update by providing your registered contact number.
  • The old orders' status can be found in "History" in navigation bar.

8. There is something wrong with my order, I need assistance.
For any assistance related to your orders you can always go to 'Profile' from the navigation bar and view "Order History". Click on the 'Need Help' link under your order that you need assistance with, select your issue from the multiple options in the pop up box and submit. We will review your issue and get back to you.

9. Do I have to order every day for the meal delivery?
Our customers don't have to order every day. You can subscribe and pay for any meal package that you like and enjoy uninterrupted meal deliveries until your wallet balance is low OR you have manually paused or cancelled the subscription.

10. How can I set an end date for my subscription?
You do not need to choose an end date for your subscription. Once your subscription has started, the deliveries will continue till such time where your wallet balance has sufficient funds for the following day's meals. However, the deliveries may stop if you have manually paused or cancelled the subscription.

11. I have shifted recently. How can I change my delivery address?
The delivery address can be changed on the "Profile" tab on the navigation bar.

12. I no longer want to use your service; can I get the refund of the remaining amount?
The minimum recharge option available with our customers is for Rs. 1000/- and the same can be utilized for ordering meals till such time where your wallet balance has sufficient funds for the following day's meals. Once the wallet balance is fully utilized, you can choose to cancel or opt not to recharge your wallet as per your convenience.